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Promoting a source of inspiration for those who have been incarcerated, released and turned their lives around. Being an ex-con, it can be very difficult to get a fresh start with the many obstacles that face you on the outside. Employment doesn't come easy but using one's own creativity, skills and special talents along with the right educational tools can help you gain entrepreneurial success and a brand new outlook never imagined. Bars 2 Stars is a website specifically targeted at highlighting the success stories of ex-felons giving insight and empowerment to those looking for the ultimate second chance.

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Click on a photo below to view the article of that individual who has become a Star.

marvin swain jr.
Marvin Swain Jr,

charles s dutton
Charles S. Dutton

don king
Donald "Don" King

walter smith
Walter Smith
Professional Speaker.

bishop fred l marshall
Fred L. Marshall

judge mathis
Judge Mathis
TV Personality.

tim allen
Tim Allen

dan trejo
Dan Trejo

donald goines
Donald Goines

vicki stringer
Vicki Stringer
Author / CEO.

mike tyson
Mike Tyson
Professional Boxer.

marion barry
Marion Barry
American Politician.

mike epps
Mike Epps
Stand-Up Comedian, Actor.

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